Homeowner Tips

Furnace & A/C Unit
The furnace filter should be checked and kept clean on a regular basis according to manufacturer’s recommendation. The size is listed on the side of the filter. Hose off the A/C unit each spring to clear any debris.

Electrical Breakers
If they trip, turn them off, and then back on to reset.

G.F.C.I. Outlets
If they trip reset them at the next closest master outlet. Refrigerators and freezers can trip these outlets. If using a freezer or refrigerator in the garage or basement, have an outlet wired just for that purpose.

Main Water Shut Off
If a severe leak or burst pipe is discovered, or if you are working on the plumbing, shut off the main valve in the basement.

Exterior Sill Cocks
Always remove hoses from outside faucets prior to freezing temperatures. 

Concrete & Decks
These should be sealed with an approved product on an annual basis to improve their life expectancy.

Gas Shut Offs
When installing gas logs, working on the furnace or hot water heater, the shut off valves are on the gas lines. Valve handles pointing the same direction as the pipe is “on”, perpendicular is “off”.

Garbage Disposal
To reset a clogged disposal, simply push the red reset button under the unit.

Scratches and dings in stained woodwork can easily be concealed with a product like Old English Furniture Polish. 

If double hung windows become hard to operate simply spray the tracks with a silicone spray. If the windows won’t stay up you can “pinch” the plastic tracks with your fingers to create better friction.

Carpet & Vinyl
Carpet and vinyl come in “dye-lots”. Save any scrap pieces that are left in the home so that if a patch is ever needed it will be from that dye-lot.

Tile & Grout
Tile and grout can be sealed with a tile and grout sealer to improve the durability and life expectancy. 

Wood Floors
Never wax or use any product like Murphy’s Oil Soap on your hardwood floors. They are sealed with a polymer sealant at installation. For the first thirty (30) days of occupancy, do not use throw rugs or any cleaning solution other than lukewarm water. Throw rugs will smother the floor not allowing it to cure properly. After thirty (30) days you may add one cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water for cleaning. Use felt tabs under furniture legs to prevent scratching.

It is generally a good idea to place boxes and other items on pallets or shelves, as concrete will sometimes disperse condensation. This is also a good preventative measure in the event that you would have standing water in the basement.

Caulk & Grout
Caulk and premixed grout are available in a variety of colors for both interior and exterior touch-ups. Both are also available in hand squeeze tubes. Simply run a bead of caulk, smooth with a wet finger, and let dry. 

Drywall Repairs
These are easily done with spackle and putty knife. Simply smooth on the spackle, let dry, sand smooth with the wall, and you are ready to paint.

Paint Touch-Ups
When touching up paint, you may want to thin your paint with a little water for a better match. Tap the freshly painted area with the wide side of your brush or feather the area out with a roller for a better blend with the existing surface.

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